Why Warehouse Security Guards are Essential for your Business

A recent incident in a warehouse at a GoTrax distributor in Carrollton, TX was reported by Lauren Zakalik of www.wfaa.com, and it illustrates the absolute need for comprehensive warehouse security.

Despite the GoTrax company having video security cameras, secure fencing, and good lighting, at 2 a.m. on Friday, January 22, 2021, several thieves climbed a fence, cut the gate chains, and then entered the facility with four semi-tractors. It took them only twenty minutes to attach their tractors to four trailers filled with expensive GoTrax hoverboards and scooters. They drove off with $600,000 worth of brand-new inventory. The “hoverboard heist” is being investigated by Carrollton, TX police, but all they have to work with is the security video that recorded the event. GoTrax COO Nathan Carlson stated, “Somebody obviously knows our yard…They knew exactly what to do and which containers to get and to take…”

Virtual Security Isn’t Enough

In this example of the GoTrax robbery, it must be noted that despite a good, even upgraded, security system, the one missing element was an on-site presence. There were no security guards, no manned gates, and no foot or car patrols in place to prevent the brazen break-in and theft of $600,000 worth of inventory. Warehouse security guards were the essential key element that was missing and could have prevented this $600,000 loss for the company.

Security guards are adaptable to the specific needs of a business or location. For warehouses and industrial facilities like GoTrax, security guards can be strategically positioned to cover critical entry points, conduct regular patrols, and monitor surveillance systems, creating a multi-layered defense against potential thefts or break-ins.

The incident involving GoTrax serves as a poignant reminder that even the most sophisticated security systems may fall short without a physical presence to complement them. Warehouse security guards are an integral component of a comprehensive security strategy, reinforcing the effectiveness of technological measures with human vigilance and intervention. Businesses must recognize the irreplaceable value of security guards and prioritize their inclusion in their security protocols to prevent significant financial losses, protect company assets, and uphold the trust of customers and stakeholders.

Why Is Warehouse Security Important?

Managing warehouse security is integral to economic success and workflow for many companies, both large and small. In the US in 2019, it was estimated that theft- both internal and external- costs warehousers, manufacturers, and shippers an estimated $15 billion a year. Eighty-seven percent of that theft occurred in freight yards and warehouses. Countless businesses rely on expensive inventory and equipment that is stored and processed in warehouses. Manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, and e-commerce centers are just a few businesses that utilize warehouse space. Giants such as Amazon, IKEA, Microsoft, Estee Lauder, GameStop, or Walmart, down to small businesses and start-ups- all depend on securely monitoring their warehouse flow of people, equipment, and inventory.

What Does Warehouse Security Entail?

Basic warehouse security comprises several essential components that work in harmony to create a robust and comprehensive security infrastructure. Quality alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, and remote alarm monitoring form the foundation of electronic security measures. These technologies serve as the eyes and ears of the warehouse, continuously monitoring activities and alerting security personnel to potential threats or breaches.

Equally important are the physical aspects of warehouse security. Solidly constructed warehouse buildings designed to resist break-ins bolster the facility’s first line of defense. Thoughtful landscaping ensures there are no hiding spots for potential thieves, while excellent lighting strategically placed around the warehouse, dumpsters, and parking lots maximizes visibility, deterring criminal activities in poorly lit areas.

Moreover, a well-secured perimeter with sturdy fencing prevents unauthorized access and acts as a clear boundary for the property. Access control systems further enhance security by regulating the flow of people entering and exiting the warehouse, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. Computerized control of receiving dock deliveries, utilizing barcode scanners and similar technologies, streamlines logistics while maintaining strict control over inbound shipments.

Together, these various components create a seamless and proactive security approach for warehouses, safeguarding valuable inventory, preventing theft, and minimizing potential risks. By integrating both electronic and physical security measures, businesses can confidently fortify their warehouses against potential threats, ensuring smooth operations and protecting their assets from potential loss or damage. Investing in comprehensive warehouse security not only safeguards financial interests but also reinforces the company’s commitment to ensuring a safe and secure working environment for employees and business partners.

Yet even with all these security protocols in place, the final essential element needed for warehouse security is on-site security guards.

Why Do You Need A Physical Security Presence?

No camera, no lighting, no text alarm system, or motion sensors notifying of a break-in are useful without on-site guards or on-site monitoring initiating an immediate response. Remember, according to the time-stamp on the GoTrax security video, it only took twenty minutes for the thieves to get away with four tractor trailers filled with more than half a million dollars in expensive merchandise. All that the GoTrax security system did was take a video of the “hovercraft heist” that was viewed after the fact. An on-site security guard giving an immediate response would have been the key to stopping the heist.

Security guards provide the critical human element in warehouse security, bridging the gap between technology and real-time intervention. While surveillance cameras can capture footage of incidents, they cannot act as proactive deterrents or intervene during a crime. On-site security guards, on the other hand, possess the training, judgment, and ability to swiftly respond to unfolding situations.

In the case of GoTrax, an on-site security guard would have detected suspicious activity or unauthorized entry, immediately activating response protocols. Whether it be sounding alarms, dispatching backup, or contacting law enforcement, security guards can initiate a rapid and effective response to thwart criminal activities in progress.

Furthermore, security guards are trained to assess situations in real-time, making informed decisions about the appropriate actions to take. Their physical presence alone acts as a strong deterrent, deterring potential thieves or vandals from attempting unlawful acts in the first place. On-site guards serve as a visible and tangible reminder of security measures in place, reinforcing the message that the facility is well-protected.

In addition to deterring and responding to crime, on-site security guards can also provide valuable customer service and support for employees. Their presence instills confidence in warehouse workers and fosters a safe and positive work environment.

While advanced security technologies are crucial components of warehouse security, they are most effective when paired with on-site security guards. The combination of surveillance systems and proactive human intervention creates a robust security infrastructure capable of minimizing losses, preventing incidents, and ensuring the safety and integrity of the warehouse. Investing in well-trained security guards as part of a comprehensive security strategy is a sound decision for any business that values its assets, employees, and overall operations.

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