Your business might require armed or unarmed security, plain clothes or uniformed guards, security for single events, or long-term security monitoring needs. Proactive business owners or managers customize a perfect security plan for their business and budget

Successful businesses tailor their own customized security plans to suit special company needs

     a. to maximize profit/increase sales growth by maintaining a safe company environment

     b. to protect their cash flow and assets by keeping operations running smoothly

     c. to save money by proactively implementing plans against theft, damage or litigation

Private Security (concierge, front gate or desk, CCTV system monitoring, escort services)

Security Patrol (visible on-site presence using car, foot or bike patrols)

Event Security (crowd or traffic control, guest protection, parking/valet services)

Our quality guards are fully licensed by the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services-PPO License #120273), insured and trained.   ASAP Security guards will work for your business 24/7, weekends or holidays. By outsourcing your company’s security to skilled ASAP Security professionals, you reduce company liability, will have no costly company training for in-house security, no HR problems with background checks, sickouts or subs.

Not just anyone is qualified to become an ASAP Security guard!  Our top-notch security officers must go through extensive drug, background and credit check screening. In addition, the ASAP Security armed security guards have added stricter training protocols, being schooled in the moral, legal and technical aspects of any firearm handling and use.

Our ASAP Security uses M-post- one of the best tracking and reporting systems in the market. M-post enhances communication and dispatch, ensures all orders are understood and completed accurately, streamlines incident reporting, and tracks security officers for safety, monitoring, and  completion of duties.

Along with the M-post technology with excellent dispatch communications, ASAP Security guards utilize walkie-talkies, flashlights, or handcuffs while standing guard or on their foot, bicycle or car patrols.

Security is more affordable than most people realize! Since each business customizes their security plan to their own needs, every quote varies (depending on factors like the number of security guards needed or the time and training involved). ASAP Security makes getting your security quotes easy. Call 1-833-272-7274 or use the info@asapsecurity.org tab to find out. You will be surprised at your savings, plus security services are generally 100% tax-deductible for businesses.

Local police may have a slow response time in the area where your business is located. Or maybe you have to leave very expensive equipment out overnight or on weekends, such as at a construction site. In these situations, security patrolling protects equipment and construction buildings- and protects your valuable assets.

Your electronic security system may not be providing a strong enough defense again theft or unauthorized access.  A security person can monitor your security system in order to immediately respond and stop attempted break-ins or theft. Better yet, a security patrol can give a strong visible deterrent to vandals or thieves, so your business will not lose money through loss of property or damages.

Patrol security guards can be customized to many environments- hotels, universities, hospitals, gated communities, banks or malls, and can be more cost-effective than a standing guard when a larger area needs coverage. Patrol security can be conducted on foot, bike or car, and the patrol security’s high visibility prevents problems or allows for fast response when needed. Patrols on properties can be scheduled or unscheduled, for maximum effect.

ASAP Security personnel wears a professional police-like uniform-  black pants, white shirts, black security jackets and hats, along with clear ID.

Actually “mall cops” can be permitted to carry guns- it simply depends on the needs of their private company that hired them, and the rules of the specific mall.  Mall policies vary, and many malls strive for a gun-free zone, therefore they want no armed security guards. Mall security guards are either commissioned (armed) or non-commissioned (unarmed) based on their training and the needs of their employer.

Security personnel, either armed or unarmed, are only allowed to carry and use handcuffs if they have the correct certification for that use. By the way, handcuffing someone does NOT mean they are under arrest, it only means a person is being secured and lawfully detained.  The perpetrator can then be turned over by the security guard to responding law enforcement.

Let’s Work Together

If you still have more questions and need more specific information, you can easily get in touch with ASAP Security by phone or email. Please email at info@asapsecurity.org or call 1-833-272-7247.

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