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ASAP Security customizes security patrol services to your business needs in the San Diego area. Whether industrial construction sites, residential or gated communities, retail/commercial properties,  any variety of events, parking lots, gate or premise protection, your patrol service needs are our top priority.

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Our Professional Security Patrol Services are available in San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

What Businesses Need Patrol Services?


High end apartment complexes, gated communities, shopping centers, community facilities, construction sites, schools, business or hospital properties- all have personnel and property to protect.

Savvy business leaders choose cost-effective tax-deductible spending on a quality patrol service like ASAP Security. We customize vehicle patrols, mobile bike patrols or foot patrols to meet your needs.

How Do ASAP Security’s Vehicle Patrols Work For You?


ASAP Security provides trained security guards for vehicle patrol, mobile bike or foot patrol. We protect your business with customized coverage- armed security or unarmed protection, scheduled or unscheduled patrols, uniformed or undercover agents- 24/7, day or night, weekends or holidays. ASAP specifies your needs and budget. Vehicle patrols monitor an extended area, particularly useful for residential patrol or for  large complexes, schools, and community properties. ASAP Security provides a visible deterrent to crime and vandalism, and protects off-hour employees and clients.

ASAP Security vehicle patrol agents respond with professional fast response to any problems. Property boundaries remain secured, issues with faulty fencing, lights, or alarm systems are quickly identified, and all business clients receive regular patrol reports so you can monitor what is happening on your premises. ***Alarm responses are prompt- and contain any problems before they cause serious impact or insurance repercussions. ***Any fire, medical or emergency aid situations that may arise are dealt with quickly and professionally by our trained ASAP Security guards. Good business leaders recognize that their business is an asset that needs to be maintained and secured.  This is what ASAP Security provides for you.

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