San Diego

ASAP Security Guards provide watchfulness for potential problems, organization for processing crowd movements, and de-escalation of trouble if necessary.


ASAP Security can protect golf course grounds from theft, vandalism and threats from intruders, helping to maintain such attractive sporting locations

El Cajon

ASAP Security’s visible presence and watchfulness would act as a consistent crime deterrent.


ASAP Security could provide security patrols and a discreet protective presence on campuses to
keep them safe for students and faculty


Oceanside would then maintain its reputation as a city of low crime and safety for its residences and businesses.

Del Mar

ASAP Security professionals could also implement security features that would maximize lighting, fencing, and entrance monitoring


ASAP Security can be used for traffic order- in parking garages and lots, in traffic control, and for events.


During the Light Show at the Mission Inn at Christmas, crowds and traffic can create such disorder that only the most professional security ….

Lake Elsinore

Professional ASAP Security guards are just the thing for The Outlets of Lake Elsinore!

Palm Springs

Hospitality sector businesses want their order and security to be smooth and customer-oriented- and ASAP Security will provide this.


ASAP Security can also provide VIP service for special guests- perhaps to help those VIP members smoothly access their exclusive Club 33


Such order helps the city of Irvine live up to their motto “Sub sole umbra virens”- Flourishing both in sunshine and in shade.

Newport Beach

ASAP Security provides dependable neighborhood patrols, and their security guards can stand watch at high-end Fashion Island stores

Santa Ana

The Santa Ana Courthouse would be a pivotal place for trained ASAP Security professionals to
secure entrances, guard the courtrooms, and maintain order

Yorba Linda

Bike patrols of Yorba Linda’s many recreation parks and facilities would secure them for
everyone, and Yorba Regional Park would keep its recaptured river setting safe for all.

Long Beach

A reliable security company such as ASAP Security could be utilized by residents and businesses alike to protect against
break-ins or theft.


The crime rate remains low, and ASAP Security can keep it that

Los Angeles

ASAP Security is the best security choice to meet all of Los Angeles’ security needs.

Beverly Hills

ASAP Security also has experience with security on film sites, protecting valuable property and equipment after hours.


Security guards from ASAP can also facilitate vendors at such events, protecting the entrance points of the event to clear products and personnel for utmost safety.

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Our Security Services in Southern California  is considered to be more professional than most others in the same business.

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