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ASAP Security has quality licensed armed security guards available 24/7 to help your business achieve these work goals. Our professionally trained armed or unarmed security guards are affordable options for your business security needs.

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Our Armed Security Services in San Diego County, Orange County, and San Bernardino County in Southern California are considered the most professional in the business.

What Business Needs Armed Security Guards?


Trained armed security guards can be vital in protecting cash-based businesses or any businesses with extreme valuables.

Added security is needed for some construction or trucking businesses where contract workers are given cash payments.

Increased armed security services can also be necessary for other companies including banks and financial institutions, jewelry stores, pawn shops, or medical establishments that deal with valuables or prescription drugs.

Skilled armed security guards are essential for businesses that have late hours or around-the-clock operations. These workplaces can be bars, dance clubs, and hospital emergency rooms, manufacturing plants, shipyards, and port facilities.

In addition, school and campus security needs have grown drastically due to a 450% increase in school shootings in the past 30 years.

ASAP Security customizes a security plan for any business and has armed security guards and responsive company staff available 24/7, for weekends, and during any holidays.

What Training Do Armed Security Guards Have?


Our top-notch armed security officers go through a thorough screening process with deep background and credit checks, reference analysis, and drug testing. Many of ASAP Security’s licensed armed security officers are also former military or law enforcement with extensive training and discipline.

ASAP Security guards are also trained in the moral and legal aspects of any firearm handling and use.

Professional armed guards also effectively protect and maintain sensitive or top-secret institutions or properties. These are locations such as government buildings or laboratories. ASAP Security’s licensed armed guards are discrete and well-trained.

They proactively deal with any criminal or emergency situation that could arise on your property, and provide regular reports of all activities taking place on-site for your company records as well.

Armed Security Testimonials


“We used this company at our resort and had a wonderful experience …making sure our guests and team members were secure. We will continue using this company and would recommend them to anyone looking for a one-time event, or long-term relationship.”

“We had thousands of dollars worth of equipment and a few big-name stars on set at all times…I would hire [ASAP Security] again in a heartbeat for any security needs…”

Armed Security For Your Business


Armed guards can be utilized for businesses in high-risk, high-crime areas or where police response time to trespass, crime, or emergencies is slow.

ASAP Security guards are trained to immediately respond to any number of emergencies or situations, thus reducing company liability by preventing escalation of any events.

ASAP Security’s well-trained agents deter or stop crime, along with preventing financial losses from internal and external theft, company downtime, and increased insurance premiums.

FAQs: Armed Security Guard Services


What is an armed security guard?

An armed security guard is a highly trained professional responsible for protecting businesses, assets, and individuals by carrying firearms as part of their security measures.

Why does your business need armed security guards?

Businesses dealing with high-value assets or operating in high-risk environments require armed security guards to deter criminal activity, prevent theft, and ensure the safety of personnel and customers.

What does an armed security guard do?

Armed security guards provide enhanced protection by patrolling premises, monitoring for suspicious activity, responding to emergencies, and maintaining a visible deterrent against potential threats.

Why should you hire our armed security guards?

Our armed security guards are extensively trained, often with backgrounds in military or law enforcement, ensuring they possess the skills and expertise to handle various security challenges effectively.

When does a business need armed security guards?

Businesses operating in cash-based industries, high-crime areas, or those with valuable assets such as jewelry, financial institutions, or medical establishments, benefit from the presence of armed security guards.

Are armed security guards properly trained to handle firearms?

Yes, armed security guards undergo rigorous training, including firearm handling, de-escalation techniques, legal aspects of weapon use, and ongoing professional development to ensure they are proficient and responsible in their duties.

What kinds of settings can armed security guards work?

Yes, armed security guards can be deployed in a wide range of environments, including construction sites, schools, government buildings, residential communities, and businesses with specific security needs.

How much does it cost to hire an armed security guard?

The cost of hiring armed security guards varies depending on factors such as location, level of expertise required, and duration of service. Contact us for a customized quote tailored to your business’s security needs.

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