Unarmed Vs Armed Security Guards

A business owner requiring security will contemplate which type of security guard would be best for the job, an unarmed or armed security guard. The extent of security of an establishment, the people that work there and guests determine the need for an armed or unarmed security guard. options of unarmed and armed security guards in San Diego.

This article will shed some light on the role of armed and unarmed guards, providing you an abundance of information to determine the best option for your establishment. Our goal is to provide you the tools to make the decision and then you can assured by leaving the rest to us!


Unarmed Security Guards

However, they may carry some non-lethal weapons, which batons, pepper sprays, or tasers. Unarmed security guards typically respond to cases of vandalism or theft, deter hostile persons, and communicate for further backup from law enforcement or emergency personnel in a time sensitive manner. If your business tends to operate at a low-risk establishment like a retail or grocery store, park, place of worship, appointing an unarmed security guards may be the best choice.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are authorized to carry firearms, which is usually a handgun or firearm. . The presence of an armed security guard, discourages hostile persons, fearing their mission would be averted and the assailant arrested or even shot to protect others. Armed security guards are required to have specialized training and licensure. The cost of an armed security guard is more due to the increased responsibility and liability. Armed security guards are ideal in for establishments. Businesses that deal in valuable assets, such as jewelry shops, pawn shops and banks, will more than likely appoint armed security guards.


It’s understandable that budget plays a big part in determining the type of security guard you would choose for your establishment. As previously discussed, armed security guards cost more because they carry more responsibility and liability and are licensed professionals. Unarmed security guards are trained professionals that deter crime with their presence and are first responders in emergencies. They are a cost-efficient option if your establishment doesn’t require an armed professional. ASAP Security, we are ready to help you determine the best option for your business and budget.

Primary Concerns

Does your business involve regular dealings of valuables such as cash, jewelry, etc.? If that is the case, armed security guards would be the best option for your establishment. The visibility of a firearm on a security guard deters burglary and any hostility directed at business owners and employees. One thing that you must always keep in mind is that you should never take the responsibility and role of a security guard. ASAP Security guards are trained professionals and have extensive training and experience to defend civilians from hostile persons.


Armed security guards possess firearms, a license to “carry” and therefore, have greater liability. Many of our armed security guards have law enforcement or military experience. Therefore, they are well trained and prepared to respond quickly to protect civilians against hostility. They are swift but not reactive and conduct business in a non-negligent manner.

Environment and Security

The environment your business operates in is an important factor when deciding to choose armed or unarmed security guards If your business operates in a high-risk zone, then our armed security guard service is the way to go A high-risk zone, a would be a business environment that is vulnerable to unlawful activities like theft, robbery, vandalism, etc., If your business environment operates in a safe zone, choosing an unarmed security guard will serve the purpose of ensuring the safety and security of your business.


What kind of impression do you want to leave on the folks around you? Do you want to make them feel secure or intimidated? Armed security guards tend to make an impression of intimidation. They are usually suited to events where there is a presence of VIPs. Business houses that frequently deal with VIPs usually add armed security guards to their security units. Unarmed security guards don’t exude a sense of excessive intimidation. This does not mean that they are less effective in keeping your establishment or event secure. They are effective professionals capable of crowd control, mediating verbal or physical confrontations, and communicating to first responders when needed.

Final Words

ASAP Security is ready to meet your security needs, whether it is armed or unarmed security. Keep in mind the threats that your establishment currently faces or might face in the near future. . This will serve as the basic framework for your security needs.

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