There are several general types of security guards- armed security guards, unarmed security guards, security patrols and security monitoring services. The Security Guard Guide of the State of California spells out numerous regulations that must be followed by any type of security guard, all with the underlying role to PROTECT people and property, PREVENT incidents or offenses before they happen, and OBSERVE and REPORT any incidences and offenses that do take place. There is additional specific training given to security guards relative to security guards using their power to make on-site arrests.


Hire Armed Security Guards

are highly trained, with specific background checks and training required to obtain the necessary firearms qualification cards to operate. Many of ASAP Security’s licensed officers are former military or law enforcement and also bring that extensive training and discipline from those backgrounds.

Security monitoring services

are an option when your unmanned electronic security system is NOT providing a business or residence with the strongest defense against theft, vandalism or unauthorized persons. Unmanned security cameras by themselves do not prevent or deter crime, whereas security guard monitoring services are hands-on and can be immediately responsive to a range of situations. Security guards quickly assess situations on camera in real time, can verify whether any alarm is a threat and respond quickly and appropriately.

ASAP Security’s armed security guards

are used by clients to set a strong tone that safety and security are taken very seriously by that business. Armed security can deter threats or criminal activity on premises, or in high-risk environments- to keep employees, clients and property safe. Examples of businesses that best utilize trained armed guards are cash-based business or businesses with extreme valuables or sensitive top-secret information. Construction and trucking companies need armed security where workers are paid cash payments. Banks, jewelry stores, pawn shops, financial institutions, or medical establishments with prescription drugs also depend on armed security guards for their safety and protection. Businesses that have late hours or round-the-clock operations- shipyards, hospital emergency rooms, and campuses also want armed security that is available 24/7, for weekends and holidays.

Unarmed security guards

are another affordable option for businesses that do not operate in such high risk environments but where crime prevention, protection and order are still needed. Unarmed security guards have training to respond to incidents that arise and have fast access to police or fire agencies. Unarmed security guards protect expensive equipment, monitor employee, customer and vendor safety, deter vandalism and theft, and secure entrances. ASAP Security’s efficient unarmed security guards are a visible on-site presence for manned protection and theft prevention. Residents of gated, residential and retirement communities expect and pay for the safety and order provided by unarmed security. Financial institutions, banks, and school campuses need the access monitoring and crowd control that unarmed guards give.

Security patrols

are customized security for larger properties. Patrols can be done by foot, bike or car, and give high visibility that can prevent problems or allow for fast response when needed. Hotels, gated communities, universities and hospitals often find security patrols more cost-effective than a standing guard, as they cover more ground. Patrols can be scheduled or unscheduled, for maximum effect. To illustrate, heavy equipment theft on construction sites is exploding- nearly 1000 pieces of commercial equipment in the US are reported stolen every month according to the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Security guards patrolling on construction sites are vital to preventing heavy financial losses of expensive equipment that have to be left behind by companies after hours or on weekends.