Why Every Car Dealership Should Consider Security Guards

Current semiconductor chip shortages, inability of car manufacturers to keep up with high customer demand, low interest rates from lenders, customers with high credit scores and extra savings- what impact do these facts have?  These facts mean that, more than ever,  automobiles have become extremely valuable items- with automobile inventory for car dealerships worth more than ever before.

According to Kelley Blue book, in June 2021, the average transaction price for a brand new car was over $42,000.  Used car prices are also at a record high of over $25,000 for a vehicle with an average of 68,000 miles on it.  This all translates to car dealerships having very valuable inventory and needing to establish the very best security plans to protect their investments- more than they ever have had to do in the past. 

Successful business professionals in the auto industry know that comprehensive security must cover inventory, showrooms, parts counters, and service areas, as well as the employees and potential customers that come and go.  Most auto dealerships tackle their security needs by covering the basics.  These basics include:

  • Proper lighting of showrooms and car lots
  • Security cameras placed inside and outside, throughout the facility
  • Inside storage of extremely sought-after or rare cars
  • Securing keys/key fobs
  • Good inventory management processes in place
  • Restricted dealership entry points to control traffic flow
  • Strategic barriers and fencing
  • Well-secured service vehicles

But this basic security is not enough to protect an auto dealership’s valuable inventory.

The essential final key element to the most successful automobile dealership security strategy is to utilize security guards. Business leaders in the car industry know that the most upgraded security video system is useless if there is no trained security presence monitoring it in real time, ready to move proactively.

A good illustration of this took place in the Tupelo, MS area, at multiple car dealerships, as reported by William Moore of the Daily Journal on Sep 9, 2021.  At least 9 trucks and SUV’s were stolen from several car dealerships in Tupelo and West Point over several nights. Security camera footage caught the thieves in action, breaking into dealerships and service areas, stealing keys/key fobs to exit with the vehicles, while helping themselves to assorted tools and impact drivers as well.

Security guards would have been the saving factor for these auto dealerships. An on-site car dealership security guard, a security patrol, a manned entrance gate, or on-site monitored security cameras would have saved those car dealerships a great deal of money. Their dealership’s security system would have done more than just video record the thefts- with that video shown later as evidence to the police and insurance companies- long after the dealership’s expensive trucks and SUV’s were gone. 

Car dealership security guards are an investment in protecting valuable automobile inventory.  Trained guards- armed or unarmed- can be customized to the needs and budget of every car dealership. Professionally trained ASAP Security guards will work 24/7, and on weekends and holidays- those after-hours times when thieves often strike. Security guards will monitor entry points, do foot, bike, or car patrols, or conduct surveillance of the cameras that are placed throughout the facility.  

Auto dealerships are one of the few businesses that face such unique challenges of having most of their high-value inventory on public display- vulnerable, out in the open, around the clock, 24/7. Car dealership businesses must provide customers easy access, since about half of auto sales are generated from walk-ins. Yet car dealerships must also protect their valuable auto assets from theft or vandalism. How can an auto dealer protect their valuable inventory and keep thieves out, while encouraging customers to come in?  The answer is simple- a thorough security system, upgraded to the highest level with great customized security guards. 

ASAP Security has a competitively-priced plan available for every auto dealership.

Let ASAP Security provide their best professional agents for your San Diego area car dealership business- armed or unarmed, uniformed or undercover, in vehicles, on bicycles, or on foot, night or day.