Is San Diego a Safe Place to Live?

San Diego, the second largest city in California

is rated as a very safe city. it has a crime rate that is 10% lower than the rest of California. crime data shows that the San Diego crime rate is one of the lowest in the entire nation for its size, lower by 15% than the national average. so the low crime rate is an attractive benefit for people to stay or play in San Diego.

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Crime In San Diego?

There is crime in San Diego however, though the majority of criminal activities involve property not people. crime data shows that about 84% of crimes committed in San Diego are property crimes– involving about 16% burglary, 63% theft, and about 20% motor vehicle theft. currently there is approximately a 1 in 47 chance of a person becoming a victim of property crime in San Diego.

Violent Crimes

as far as violent crimes such as murder, rape, robbery or assault, there is a 1 in 260 chance to be a victim of those violent crimes in san Diego. ranking of types of crimes had murder come in at around 0.9%, rape about 11%, robbery at about 26%, and assault at 62%.

Dangerous neighborhoods in San Diego

As with all cities, there are some dangerous neighborhoods in San Diego, and some areas where public transit is unsafe, muggings are possible, or drug usage and homelessness are rampant. due to tourist influx to certain areas or for events bringing crowds, caution is always needed. some areas are also sometimes known to have little police presence or a slow police response time to crime calls. even with San Diego’s overall low crime rate, asap security is a top security guard company located there and used by those in San Diego that need extra vigilance. asap security can secure gated communities or malls, protect businesses, boundaries, and properties in under-patrolled areas, or maintain crowd control during a special event, concert or game.

Is San Diego a good place to raise a family?

San Diego has many great qualities that make it an attractive place to raise a family. this southern California city has some of the best schools in California, both public and private. overall, there is a high student to teacher ratio, and students graduate at a high rate. there are multiple activities of which to take advantage in San Diego. there is the world famous San Diego Zoo, more than 30 parks, wonderful museums clustered in beautiful balboa park (e.g. the San Diego Museum of art, air and space museum, or the Comic-Con museum), multiple events for every age and interest (e.g. del mar national horse show or rc 44 San Diego cup boat races), and 70 miles of beaches for surfing, swimming, hang-gliding or boating- Encinitas, la Jolla shores, Cardiff by the sea, or mission beach, just to name a few. San Diego is a city with activities enjoyed by residents and visitors alike- 35.1 million people visit San Diego yearly as a top travel destination. families take advantage of the wide range of kid-friendly activities that this area offers, since san Diego is consistently ranked one of the top family destinations in America for good reason.

The cost of living

The cost of living in San Diego is high but along with the many perks of the area, there are higher work salaries in San Diego than in the rest of the state. there is a great job market and overall low unemployment rate. the average household income in 2021 is listed at $108,864 (with a 12.84% poverty rate). 70% of the population has achieved some college, bachelors or graduate degrees.

The Weather

The weather is usually perfect- sunny and mild- with average summer temperatures at 69 degrees and winters around 57 degrees. skiing is not out for the question either, with several California ski resorts available for weekend trips. the low crime rate is a final compelling reason to consider raising a family in san Diego. recently the personal finance website wallet hub ranked san Diego among the top 20 best places to raise a family. they based their study on 47 key metrics- ranging from safety, cost of housing, quality of life, and quality of schools.