3 Businesses That Must Have Security Guard Protection

Security guard protection can be utilized for a great variety of businesses- ranging from retail businesses, industrial and commercial companies, hotels, gated communities, events such as concerts or festivals, and more. There are three businesses however where security guard protection is especially vital and an absolute necessity.

Parking Lots

There were some 280 million vehicles operating on the roads in the United States in 2020, making the US a highly auto-centric country. With all those cars comes the obvious need to park them. The Parking Lot and Garage Industry provides temporary parking spaces on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to consumers and industrial clients.  Parking garages, commercial parking lots, company employee lots, airport parking, and even auto dealerships, are all facets of this $11.3 billion revenue in the US. With that much revenue involved, security in those parking lots and garages is a vital part of a huge auto industry. 

Parking areas are known to be high-activity areas that can be open to vehicle theft, property theft, traffic accidents, and violent crimes (parking facilities are the third most frequent place where violent crimes happen!) As a result, security of parking areas is vital for a reputable business to establish. 

Good security in a parking lot involves some basics.  Parking lots and garages must be secured with fencing or dividers and have access controls such as security booths or gates, and have well-designed open stairways with no hidden areas.  Landscaping should be limited to minimize hiding spots, and good lighting is a key.  Phones and panic buttons, security cameras, and clear signage to minimize traffic issues are also some basics. 

Security guard protection is where good parking lot security becomes great security. Companies save money by minimizing their business liabilities- proactively addressing possible situations, crimes, and problems.  For instance, unmanned surveillance systems create a false sense of security in patrons, who may be less vigilant to possible crime, believing in backup response that is not there. Unmonitored cameras can increase legal liabilities, especially where crimes happen in front of cameras but there is no onsite response to those crimes. An onsite security patrol  (on foot, bike or car), or manned security booth personnel, can respond to situations in real time. Security guards that monitor cameras can spot the suspicious person looking into parked cars to steal items, or respond to traffic problems in a garage. Motion sensor cameras and VASS (Voice Activated Security Systems) can be utilized to help a pro-active security guard service prevent crime before it happens, or stop it when it does. 

Cannabis Industry Businesses  

What market in California is projected to reach $7.2 billion in revenue by 2022?

If you guessed the cannabis market, that would be correct!  Cannabis is now the largest market in the US. With such immense revenues, cannabis related businesses are exploding.  These businesses consist of cultivation businesses, laboratories/testing sites, manufacturing plants, distribution operations, dispensaries and delivery services. Each of these facets has its own set of security needs. 

The main problem with cannabis businesses is their primarily cash-run operations. Though cannabis is legal in a majority of states, it remains illegal at the federal level. While there are some few financial institutions that have made decisions to bank cannabis businesses, most federally regulated banks are cautious in dealing with them. Therefore 70% of cannabis businesses resort to cash-run operations. Cash-run operations with large amounts of money on-site create major safety and other liabilities for employees and customers alike. 

10% of all financial and product loss in the cannabis industry is attributed to external theft (according to a July 13,2020 Forbes article by Anh Hatzopoulos, “The Cost of Cash for Unbanked Cannabis Businesses”). The remaining 90% loss in the industry is attributed to internal employee theft.  Security is definitely vital to secure any cannabis industry business.

A professional security guard agency like ASAP Security could be the profitable difference for a cannabis industry business.  Security provided by armed or unarmed guards, foot, bike or car patrols, manned security cameras for internal and external monitoring-these customized security plans could make a cannabis business fully lucrative. More than protecting product and profit loss, security could additionally protect customers and employees as well. 

Event Facilities

Event facilities are associated with sporting events, concerts, business parties, conventions, press conferences, VIP parties, weddings and the like. Proactive business owners need to utilize trained professional security at their group events to create the safest environment. Here are just some services professional ASAP Security will provide for your event.  

Event security guards monitor and enforce your designated areas, and provide traffic direction.  Having ASAP Security guards in your parking lots and borders creates order, and deters any thefts or break-ins in the cars of your clients or guests. Trained security agents offer prompt response to vandalism attempts or car alarms.

Security guards monitor the entrance points of your event and manage your guest lists to keep anyone unwanted from entering your event. Our security guards also screen for weapons– a most important choice in these times of rising gun violence.  In addition, many events have vendors that provide important additional services for customer experience at your event. ASAP Security guards smoothly facilitate those vendors, clearing vendor personnel and products at the gates, and helping with any temporary on-site storage needs. 

Security guards provide needed crowd control. Large events often have long lines. Security guards controlling your event’s crowds and lines prevent problems or injuries that could arise. A trained security guard presence is especially necessary at venues that serve alcohol.  Most importantly, security personnel can specifically protect VIP sections- this gives your VIP guests the exclusive event experience for which they have paid. By utilizing this type of focused security for your premium guests, your company gives their most important customer base the best customer service experience possible during a large event. 

Trained security guards like ASAP Security are knowledgable about all the emergencies that could arise.  ASAP Security guards are schooled in evacuation procedures, monitor the entrances, and customize action plans in case of fire or emergency, or medical first aid.

Whether armed or unarmed, uniformed or undercover, our ASAP Security guards are insured, fully trained, background checked and drug screened. We provide the best action plans for any parking lot, business, or event that will be tailor-made and affordable.  Get a quick price quote on the tab on the home page. Or call 1-833-272-7247 or email info@asapsecurity.org with any questions.