Are you Still Ignoring Security in Your Store or Mall? You Might Regret It

This July 17, 2022 headline speaks for itself:

“Greenwood Park Mall Shooting: 3 Dead and 2 Injured, Suspect Killed By Armed Citizen” (Schroeder, 2022).
The lone shooter entered the mall’s food court around 6pm with a rifle and several magazines of ammo.

He shot into the mall, killing three people and injuring two more. He was then shot and killed by a chance Good Samaritan, who was legally armed with a handgun. About 6 months previously, Simon Properties, owners of the mall, updated some of the security technology there. They installed 4 Flock license plate reader cameras at the mall parking  entrances to scan the plates of  incoming cars. These cameras track stolen vehicles and will notify police and security at the Mall about the stolen vehicles entering their area (Myers, 2022). While adding the Flock camera security upgrade was a decent security step, Simon Properties apparently did not make other upgrades that included adding more foot patrol security officers (or even CCTV cameras being monitoring by security officers to spot other potential trouble).

An increased presence of more correctly placed and utilized security guards on the mall grounds could have made a great difference. These days, attracting shoppers and keeping them spending in a mall or retail store environment is utmost for any business. Online shopping is alluring and easy, and the pandemic accelerated this trend, to the point that now online sales and services have increased by 6 to 10 percentage points across most product categories (Martins, 2022).

As a result, malls and retail stores are struggling to reinvent and bring in those spending customers. Not only are brick-and-mortar stores and malls restructuring, they must also offer locations that are attractive and interesting. Above all, these locations must be secure and safe for their shoppers, or customers will simply not shop there.

This is where the necessity of a well trained professional Security Guard Company can make the difference in promoting a thriving consumer shopping environment. Ignoring the security in your store or mall can be a decision that you may regret, to the great detriment of  your business or mall. Excellent security is a necessity that is an integral part of any thriving business. And any security can be specially customized to your exact business needs. This is where the service of ASAP Security, a private security company, comes in.

ASAP Security has many different types of security guards from which to choose. They have armed and unarmed security guard options. There are various pros and cons to using armed or unarmed guards for your business or mall.

These can be discussed with ASAP Security’s customer service to figure out the best fit for your business and budget. Use of armed guards particularly must be in line with the business model being presented to your customers.

Cash based businesses, jewelry stores, banks, or stores with high-end very valuable merchandise often opt for armed security, wanting to project to customers their value on safety and their protection above everything. Armed guards can discourage hostile persons and actions, and protect customers and employees.

ASAP Security’s armed security guards are highly trained, with background checks and the necessary firearms qualification cards to operate. Many of ASAP Security’s licensed officers are former military or law enforcement and bring that extensive training and discipline from those backgrounds. A lower risk business such a retail or grocery store may prefer using unarmed security guards. Guards may still carry some non-lethal weaponry such as batons, pepper sprays or tasers, but offer a lower-key presence that may more closely match that store’s brand.
Unarmed security will quickly respond to vandalism or theft, deter hostilities, and can communicate for law enforcement backup or emergency personnel in a timely manner if it is needed. Security patrols can also be utilized by malls or some businesses. These patrols can be customized by using bike, foot, or car patrols, or any combination thereof (especially useful for the larger properties such as malls).

Security patrols may be more cost-effective than a standing guard, as they cover more ground. Any patrols can also be scheduled or unscheduled for maximum effect. Patrols provide high visibility that can prevent problems before they start, and give employees and customers a sense of order and protection. Additionally, security patrols can provide direction and crowd control during emergency situations such as weather events, fire, or even in locating lost children. Security guard patrols can be a major line of defense for a business or mall, preventing heavy losses of expensive merchandise, such as in recent smash-and-grab jewelry store robberies. Or as in the case of the Greenwood Park Mall shooting, an alert security patrol could have intercepted the shooter before there was the unfortunate loss of life.

Security monitoring services are an option as well. ASAP Security will have their trained agents monitor your camera systems to maximum effect. The best security camera system is truly only good if someone is paying attention in real time to what it is relaying. This is why unmanned electronic security systems do not provide a business or mall with the strongest defense against theft or unauthorized access. The camera system at best provides after the-fact video of the occurrence, only useful in possibly finding the perpetrators later.

An ASAP Security guard monitoring your cameras will provide that first line of defense for your property, proactively protecting your business from potential threat, vandalism, or thefts. There can be an immediate response undertaken in real time, with police notification as needed. Security camera monitoring is also useful in the aftermath of incidents for insurance and law enforcement investigation purposes.

ASAP Security is always available whenever you need them for your business or mall. They are available 24/7, around the clock, on weekends or holidays. Your business will have no lack of security coverage due to someone being sick or not showing- ASAP Security is punctual, dependable, and professional. (Just take a look at some of our customer testimonials).

ASAP Security is a security guard company that offers their vital services to the Southern California area of San Diego, Orange, and Riverside counties. ASAP Security is a top provider of mall and business security services. All personnel of ASAP Security strictly adhere to the Security Guard Guide of the State of California and their numerous regulations. Any of the types of ASAP Security guards have the underlying mission to: PROTECT people and property PREVENT incidents or offenses before they happen OBSERVE and REPORT any incidences that do occur (with additional specific training available to make on-site arrests) So do not ignore the security needs of your business or mall any longer- you will regret it.  You want to attract and maintain those spending customers that will make your business or mall thrive- and you know that providing the best security is an integral way to make that happen.

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